About the LTAP Program

The PennDOT Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is one of 58 LTAP centers across the nation (one in each state, Puerto Rico and six regional centers serving American Indian tribal governments.) These centers are dedicated to transferring transportation technology through training, technical assistance, and other customer services to municipal elected officials and their staff. The LTAP program is designed to help Pennsylvania’s municipalities, which maintain over 68,000 miles of roadways, make the best use of their roadway maintenance dollars. PennDOT LTAP provides technical information and proven technologies dealing with roadway maintenance and safety methods to meet the growing demands on municipal governments. PennDOT LTAP has provided technology transfer services to Pennsylvania’s 2600 municipal governments since 1983.

On average, the PennDOT LTAP training and technology transfer programs train and assist nearly 6,000 municipal employees per year in effective and efficient maintenance procedures, essential safety practices, and infrastructure management processes. Historically, PennDOT LTAP has augmented this training with nearly 200 one-on-one technical assistance sessions and the dissemination of approximately 50,000 pieces of information highlighting practical technological advances.

The courses are designed to improvement participants road and bridge maintenance and safety skills with the latest proven methods and procedures.    The courses are beneficial to road masters, road superintendents, road crews, public works personnel, managers and elected officials.  Participants are shown new techniques and technologies that apply to their maintenance and safety needs.
Officials and managers in Pennsylvania’s municipal governments are responsible for maintaining about 68,000 miles of roadway.    Construction and care of roads and streets account for an average of 32% of municipal budgets.   The LTAP Roads Scholar courses teach municipalities how to stretch those budgets, proving information that squeezes the most out of the dollars invested.    Courses are conducted by LTAP technology transfer specialists who are well versed in the latest development and technology and possess extensive knowledge of road and street maintenance and safety. (Source)

There is no cost for the municipalities to attend the courses.

In addition to the courses, LTAP technical experts are available by phone, email and in-person to help municipalities troubleshoot specific mainteanance and safety issues on their roadways.  This service is also provided with no cost to municipalities.   For more information call 1-800-FOR-LTAP.