Public Participation Plans

The Johnstown MPO’S Public Participation Plan is first and foremost a plan that provides all persons regardless of race, color or national origin the opportunity to participate in the planning and development of transportation programs and projects.

The Plan’s overall intent and purpose is to provide a public forum for those in “Interested Parties” and environmental justice groups that have been traditionally overlooked during the transportation development process.   This group includes minority populations, low-income families, non-English speaking and persons with limited English proficiency, the elderly, persons with disabilities, truck freight shippers and haulers, public and private transportation systems, and rail freight haulers.

The overall purpose of the Johnstown MPO’s Public Participation Plan Update is to address the desired “Future Planning Efforts” agenda for continued public participation in the transportation planning process.  The future efforts are designed to improve the overall possibilities for greater public involvement by “Interested Parties” in the planning and development of transportation projects and programs.

2011-2012 Public Participation Plan 
2012-2013 Public Participation Plan
2013-2014 Public Participation Plan
2017 Public Participation Plan