MPO / Transportation Planning

The Cambria County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) was established in 1965 with an agreement between the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and participating members of the Johnstown Area Transportation Study. The responsibilities of the CCMPO are as follows:

  • To complete the activities necessary to maintain a comprehensive, cooperative and continuing transportation planning process for making transportation investment decisions in the metropolitan area, including the development of the Long Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program and Unified Planning Work Program.
  • To promote public participation in the transportation decision-making process through public outreach held pursuant to state and federal guidelines.
  • To exercise leadership and initiative in planning the development of an efficient, cost-effective, integrated and multimodal transportation system serving the needs of Cambria County.
  • To assure eligibility of the Cambria County Urbanized Area for receipt of Federal, State, and local capital and operating assistance.
  • The preparation and analysis of data to support the transportation planning decisions made by county transportation stakeholders, elected officials, local municipalities, and the public.

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