Cambria County Long Range Transportation Plan

In 2016, the Cambria County MPO completed a comprehensive update to the Cambria County Long Range Transportation Plan. This plan is a clean-sheet redesign of long-term strategies, goals and objectives for the County’s transportation system, incorporating all transportation modes.

Major initiatives and recommendations in the plan include: enhancement of public transportation services, planning for freight movement, completing an update to the Cambria County Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan, and expanding passenger rail service. Many of these initiatives are now underway.

The plan can be downloaded, by chapter, below.

Table of Contents and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1: Plan, Purpose and Preparation
Chapter 2: Community & Economic Profile
Chapter 3: Transportation System and Performance
Chapter 4: Transportation Needs and Opportunities
Chapter 5: Transportation Planning Policy
Chapter 6: Project Selection and Prioritization
Chapter 7: Financial Projections and Analysis
Chapter 8: Environmental Analysis
Chapter 9: Implementation
Appendix A: 2015-2040 Highway and Bridge Project List
Appendix B: 2017-2042 Transit Project List
Appendix C: Air Quality Conformity Analysis Report
Appendix D: Bonded Roads
Appendix E: Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes