The primary function of the Planning Commission, as outlined in the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, is to prepare and update the County Comprehensive Plan.   Its secondary function is to assist local municipalities with the development of their comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and subdivision and land development ordinances.  These services are provided at no charge to local municipalities.  The Planning Commission conducts reviews of subdivision and land development plans in those municipalities that have adopted subdivision and zoning ordinances.

Another function of the Cambria County Planning Commission is to be a standing member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and to act as its official secretary.  The MPO is primarily responsible for preparing and updating a county-wide transportation plan consistent with the requirements of both the Federal and State governments.  Additionally, the Planning Commission prepares the County’s 12-Year Transportation Program.  This program lists all the major highway, bridge, mass transit and airport improvement projects to be undertaken within Cambria County.

The Cambria County Planning Commission consists of nine board members representing the three planning regions in Cambria County.Board2023

The Cambria County Planning Commission’s Agency Open Records Officer is Chris Allison.   His contact information can be found below:

401 Candlelight Drive, Suite 215
Ebensburg, PA 15931
(814) 472-2106

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